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Business. Law. Success.


BLS Law is a full-service legal firm, primarily focusing in land use, municipal law, real estate and transactional law. We’re well versed in the law, problem solving and negotiating.


We represent large corporations and small businesses who seek our counsel because we provide zealous advocacy with one universal purpose… dedication to excellence with a full and complete commitment to our clients.


Each attorney in our firm has over 30 years of legal experience and has handled the simplest of legal transactions to the most intricate major real estate developments and complex commercial transactions.  You’ll find that when we represent your business we stand firm, drive a hard bargain, and advocate on your behalf.


In a comfortable small firm setting, clients from for profit, and non-profits and governmental agencies enjoy the benefit of our big firm expertise and background, our intricate business experience, and our cutting edge technology.


We are result-oriented, client centric and realistic. Ultimately, our relationship is about efficient use of time between our expert team and yours that results in cost effectiveness. We’re the perfect fit.