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BLS Law attorneys have a decades
of experience representing both clients
in municipal matters and serving
government entities...


As well in such municipal law areas such as redevelopment; eminent domain proceedings; In rem tax sales; sales of municipal liens; assistance with re-codification of municipal codes; zoning and planning.  


BLS Law has represented as counsel villages, towns, school districts, fire departments, police departments, and other local authorities; and performed municipal litigation defense work in the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, including the Town of Fallsburg and the Village of Monticello. 


Our BLS Law Attorneys have assisted municipalities in drafting all manner of contracts including sale of municipal property for development, licenses to operate facilities at municipal parks, procurement of equipment and construction of municipal facilities.  They have drafted local legislation governing a vast range of issues including telecommunications, zoning, noise, site plans, tree removal and wetlands regulations.